About Us

Nigeria's First Boutique CX Consulting Firm

Founded in 2015 (operating as Neetch Company), our unique suite of CX services are designed to offer professional and specialized assistance to small, medium and large organizations seeking to: 

  • Improve customer experience
  • Improve the customer experience capabilities of their employees
  • Improve employee experience
  • Improve customer profitability through customer satisfaction and retention

Overall, our operating model is designed to keep businesses in business by making customers happy. 

Mission  – To be the bridge that connects businesses to customers by making customers' lives easier and increasing business profitability.

Our Vision – To grow businesses, one customer experience at a time across West Africa

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Our bespoke services are designed to keep you ahead of competition by focusing on each customer's unique type and experience so you can add and measure value to each customer.

From defining your customer experience strategy to executing it, recruiting and training your team, measuring and track your customer's experience, you can trust us to keep you in business.  

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Our approach to improving your customer experience, improving your employee experience and increasing your customer profitability is outside-in giving you in-depth understanding of your customers for sustainable improvement and business growth.

meet the founder & principal consultant

deBBie onome akwara

  • deBBie is the founder & Principal Customer Experience (CX) Consultant at  Niche Customer Experience (CX) Firm (formerly called Neetch Company). She is a customer experience management expert and thought leader with over 2 decades of experience delivering CX success for local, pan African and international organizations across telecommunications, financial services, technology, health, entertainment, religious, education, manufacturing and auto dealer organizations

  • Prior to Niche CX Firm, deBBie managed CX at First City Monument Bank Plc (head, customer service), Zenith Bank Plc (Lead/Assistant Manager, customer experience and human resource management), Etisalat (manager, customer experience), United Bank for Africa (head, customer experience management aka CSM) and Bridge International Academies (director, customer experience)

  • deBBie is a fellow the Nigerian Institute of Strategic Customer Service & Trade Management Nigeria [ICSTM] and member of the Lagos chapter of customer experience professionals 

  • In recognition for her work in CX, deBBie is a fellow of the Nigerian Institute of Strategic Customer Service and Trade Management (ICSTM), 2016 Impact Award Finalist by the CXPA [Customer Experience Professionals Association] Minneapolis, USA and 2017 Customer Experience Africa Practitioner Award finalist by the CXA South Africa 

  • deBBie is a CX Author with a published book titled Customer Pulse Check ( Customer Pulse Check is a practical guide for gathering and using customer feedback to drive business growth and customer centricity

  • To promote the professional practice of customer experience management and provide information to support business growth in line, deBBie offers periodic CX tips as well as personalized CX coaching and mentoring. She is also a highly sought after CX professional for CX speaking engagements and CX thought leadership by both business leaders and her peers in the industry